New Years/New Start Resolution #4 – Object in Motion

Probably the TOP New Years Resolution is to lose weight or gain muscle. Hopefully a combination of both. However, people fail most within a few months of the usual goal.

There are a few inherent problems with their goals.

  1. Too Grand/Too Minuscule
  2. Not Specific Enough
  3. Unrealistic time-frames
  4. Faulty/Bad Planning
  5. Inflexibility to Change
  6. Lacks Follow-through Continue reading “New Years/New Start Resolution #4 – Object in Motion”

New Years/New Start Resolution #3 – Streamline

Today I was watching TV and saw a commercial about this show Hoarders. It’s a show about people that can’t seem to let go of stuff they collected or used to the point that their entire environment is nothing short of resembling a junk yard. So, for my New Years/New Start Resolution #3, I plan to stop keeping so much Junk!!!

Papers from high school, a ring from a high school girlfriend, the binder of Pokemon Cards, that picture of the Ninja Turtles you drew when you were six. It’s time to pack all of that up in a big box and throw it all away. Well, maybe I should say it like this. If you haven’t used it or talked to that person in the last 2-3 years, throw it away. It’s okay to keep a couple mementos from Girlfriend #3, but don’t keep EVERYTHING she ever gave you. I know you used to be a huge Spice Girls fan, but the posters and life sized Scary Spice action figure can be donated to the nearest Salvation Army. Continue reading “New Years/New Start Resolution #3 – Streamline”

New Years/New Start Resolution #2 – Get Organized

I was a little caught up yesterday helping out with family, so I was left with a draft instead of getting a chance to post it. So a day late, but here’s number 2!

“I write down everything I want to remember. That way, instead of spending a lot of time trying to remember what it is I wrote down, I spend the time looking for the for the paper I wrote it down on.”- Beryl Pfizer

Work Too Much?

Organization is my second New Years Resolution. Why? Because the majority of people are either so organized, they err on the side of Obsessive Compulsive or so organization-phobic that they prefer to live somewhere similar to Oscar the Grouch. Often to my dismay, I am either at the positive side of the spectrum, living comfortably next to godliness in clean-ville or trotting around organized chaos, tripping over notebooks and clothes baskets.

Continue reading “New Years/New Start Resolution #2 – Get Organized”

Merry Christmas

Despite the fact that Christmas starts the day after Halloween, I would like to wish everyone out there a joyous holiday/holiday season!

I wanted to remind everyone that the true purpose of the holidays are to help communities come together and enjoy each others’ presence(Not Presents) in lighthearted manner. Christmas itself is supposed to signify the birth of hope in an otherwise bleak and difficult world. Whether Jesus was born at this time of the year or whether a large man in a red suit really has the innate ability to bring the child-like joy out of anyone, we should enjoy this time with each other.

If we do that, this season becomes less about the shopping, commercialization, religious back and forth, and ridiculous food creations (Can anyone explain why people make fruit cake, minced meat pie or candy corn?)  and more about the using these precious moments while they can still be enjoyed. Realize that no matter how rocky 2010 was, you made it through and still managed to get a pair of free socks out of the deal. Someone out there thinks that you are special and that cherishes you existence.

So, hopefully enjoy your family gatherings or just time to yourself. Take today to marvel in the wonders of life and smile for once, unwind and just take today to be joyful. You have all the reasons to be.

Merry Christmas to all, and all Good Night!

Miles Michael

New Years/New Start Resolution #1 – Write More

“Whether or not you write well, write bravely.” – Bill Stout

My New Start Resolution #1 for this year is to write more.  I couldn’t tell you how many blogs I have started, how many composition notebooks are lying around my house and how many sticky notes of great ideas that I piling up but never completed.  I write a lot. How often do I complete my writing? No where near as often.

The more I get into the professional world, the more I am seeing the trend and need to communicate at a higher level than I do now. Thoughts need to get across quickly, efficiently purposefully. To do that, I need to practice writing everyday. Write my thoughts. Write my plans. Write my feelings. Write my Dreams. Write until writing further is impossible. Then write some more. Then learn how to edit.

I  wrote this post multiple times, going off in completely different directions, but those effective writing skills are starting to develop. 🙂

A person must learn to write and speak eloquently to be respected.  You must be able to grab attention, use it for your needs and then return it before their attention spans run out. That makes an effective writer and speaker.

So, today I will start to write in some fashion daily. It may not always appear up here.  But, I must shake the dust off my pencil and exercise my brain. It’s a muscle too. Continue reading “New Years/New Start Resolution #1 – Write More”