Ultimate Wishes for Changing America Pt. 1

Yesterday I wrote about Religious Bystanders in Politics and racked my brain thinking of the different fields that need immediate change. Last week, a close friend asked me if I had the power to make anything I say come true without consequence, what would I do?

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Beyonce and the Beauty of Pregnancy (Letter to Moms)

While it has not been confirmed, the internet is abuzz with the possibility of Beyoncé giving birth to her second and third child. Continuing with Women’s Week here at Everything’s Magnificent, why not highlight the Queen Bey?

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Allyship, Feminism, Intersectionality and Me

My goal for this week is to dedicate this week to women and various topics along the spectrum. I touched on something from the Bible regarding womanhood, I spoke on the Wonder Woman movie and today I wanted to talk about allyship, feminism, and intersectionality.


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Coexistence with God


A story as old as time. Commonly debated and fought over to the point of exhaustion. It’s amazing that faith has become the scapegoat for hatred and all the world’s woes when central to the message is love. It’s almost as if the world is designed to stomp out any form of hope. [reads newspaper] Oh… Continue reading “Coexistence with God”

Urge For The Supreme (Origin)


Humans are very interesting creatures. For all of our claims that we have an innate urge to stand out, be valued and feel special, and by our quest to do just that, we seem to actually work against the claim of originality. Similar to the image that the “Hipsters” have worked so hard to create, being a counter-culture. They turned around and created a main culture where they all blend in by trying to be as outrageous as they can. You can see this trend in everything from Movies and Music to Art and Fashion. But what is interesting is that by striving so hard to be remembered, you tend to blend into the millions before you that were desperate to be remembered. But, why do we feel this way?  Continue reading “Urge For The Supreme (Origin)”